Book Football Ground | How to book football grounds through ole app in UAE?

Book Football Ground | How to book football grounds through ole app in UAE?

Book football ground: Are you looking for a football field or padel ground to play a match near you?

Ole sports app is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports stadium booking app in UAE. Anyone can book a football court using the ole app. Ole was established on 10 September 2017.

AL-Tahadi Football Playground, Sharjah (Call Us Now To Book Playground +971-54-721-5551)

AL-Forsan Football Playground, Sharjah (Call Us Now To Book Playground +971-56-721-5551)

Ole Padel Ground, Sharjah (Call Us Now To Book Playground +971-56-721-5551)

Ole Ajman Football Rental, Ajman (Call Us Now To Book Playground +971-56-721-5551)

Booking a playground or sports field in the UAE is now very easy. This tutorial will walk you through how you can find a nearby playground and book your field to play a match. You will instantly receive a confirmation message of your booking when you will click the confirmation button. 

AL-Tahadi Football Ground (Call us Now To Book Playground +971-54-721-5551)


How to book a football ground in UAE?


  1. Download the OLE APP from our official website and book your football or padel ground now.
  2. Easy registration process, paste your valid phone number and login into ole app.
  3. After login click on, I’m a player and complete the registration process for free.

Club booking

  1. After successful registration, you can see nearby clubs, click on any club where you want to play a match.
  2. You will see fields, click on a book button in front of any field on the booking page .
  3. Free services by the club owners, players have to pay an extra amount for extra services.
  4. There are different types of fields options on the booking page, few of them are: Big field (8 x 8) Small field 1 (7 x 7) Small field 2 (7 x 7).
  5. There are three booking time slot options available on the booking page, you can book ground for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours.
  6. Choose your specific day you want to play a match.
  7. Select the time slot and click the book now button.
  8. Choose your payment method to confirm your booking slot, there are four options through which you can pay and confirm your booking: 1) Ole credit 2) Pay with cash 3) Samsung pay 4) card.
  9. You can also get a discount by entering the promo code.
  10. Click the confirm button and your ground booking will be confirmed.

How to challenge another team in the ole app?

  1. Open the app and look for nearby matches on screen.
  2. You will see free slots open challenges from other teams.
  3. Post an open public challenge or accept other teams’ challenge and play a battle to win the match.
  4. an individual player or team can also post a public or private challenge after booking ground.
  5. If you have a complete set of teams, just book your ground and play friendly matches with your friends.
  6. On the bottom of the page you will see results of the match winning teams.

How to buy sports products from ole?

If you are looking to buy any sports products then you are at the right place. ole is also offering amazing branded sports products. You can buy different types of products from our ole shop including padel, electronics, equipment, hats, keepers, clothes, footballs and boots from our ole official shop.

Download the ole application now from play store or app store then click on the shop button at the bottom of the page. Find your products and order now.

Please visit our official ole sports for more details.

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